Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

No doubt you have plenty of questions, so based on Your Feedback we’re working on putting together some consistent answers.
If you would like to contribute or just want to know more we want to hear from you.

For general bitcoin related information a good place to start is or the current Wikipedia Bitcoin entry.

Private Beta

The exchange is currently live in an unofficial capacity with selective trading taking place between trusted counterparts and customers.
Commission rates are presently set at 1.0% However this is simply a nominal rate set to test the system.
If you are interested in participating feel free to sign up and get in touch with us.

Account Verification

For account verification.

We can only verify accounts where we can 

  • clearly identify the owner
  • identify the source of funds

We do not accept 3rd party transfers.
If you want to send us NZD funds they will only be credited coming from a bank account with your name on it.

We can not take cash only deposits.

We will only process withdrawals back to the same account.  

When validating your account you will need to provide us with enough information to clearly identify your self and where your money is coming from. This will likely include a snapshot of your smiling face holding up a clearly visible ID and a recent bank statement with your name, address and banking information clearly visible.

It's nothing personal however we are selective about who we allow to use our service and have to be careful how we operate to keep our bank accounts open and support our users who just want a trouble free way to trade in bitcoin.

Lastly we run NZBCX more like a community service or private users group for people who are just generally interested in bitcoin and we cover the cost of running the site but thats about it.  For the most part we are pretty supportive of whatever you want to do and if you have problems and are a regular user on the site we can sort things out pretty quickly.